ZOOM! ( In house whitening in one hour)ZOOM! ( In house whitening in one hour)

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Whitens multiple shades whiter in one hour treatment.

Zoom teeth whitening method offers a complete range of treatment options based on your requirements and your lifestyle. It is a painless, safe and sustainable whitening method used by reputed dental clinics.

Here at South Dental Associates, our dentists apply the Zoom whitening method to give you an effective, fast and safe way to whiten your teeth. Our proficient dentists either conduct the treatment on you or implement you with a customised tray. If you choose the second option, you need to undergo the treatment in your home. The treatment procedure is chosen on the basis of your requirements.

Our practice includes comprehensive and cosmetic dental treatment. Dental exam, oral cancer exam, dental cleaning, deep cleaning, dental filling, dental crown, dental bridge, dental implant, root canal, denture, TMJ appliance, teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, clear aligner braces, bite guards, etc. are provided by us. It is our responsibility to take care of everyone who visits us.

Taking proper care of your teeth is important not just to keep them in good condition, but also to keep them shiny and bright forever. Allow us to prevent and restore the optimal function and esthetics of your teeth.

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