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What is a Dental Extraction Process?

Among all other dental procedures, tooth extraction is one of the most dreaded ones. It is a process of extracting a tooth from its socket, located in the jaw bone. In South Dental Associates, our dentists will make every effort repair or save your tooth. It is extracted when a tooth has become damaged beyond any control.

Why should you need a tooth extraction?

Among several reasons of tooth extraction, some important ones are as follows:

  • Decay
  • A severely damaged tooth
  • Mal-position
  • Trauma
  • Extra teeth
  • Non-functioning teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment

Types of Tooth Extraction

There are mainly 2 types of tooth extraction processes:

  • Simple Extraction Process: Simple extraction procedure is performed on those teeth that are loose and does not require any major sectioning or bone removal. Generally, our dentists do simple extractions with the help of local anaesthesia.
  • Surgical Extraction Process: Surgical extraction process is implemented on the teeth that are located out of reach. There might have been a tooth that has not been fully erupted or has been fractured. Our proficient dentists conduct the surgery with the help of local anaesthesia. The surgical process includes the procedures of bone removal, lifting or removal and folding back of a part or entire gum tissues for the sake of exposing the tooth.

Our practice includes comprehensive and cosmetic dental treatment. Dental exam, oral cancer exam, dental cleaning, deep cleaning, dental filling, dental crown, dental bridge, dental implant, root canal, denture, TMJ appliance, teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, clear aligner braces, bite guards, etc. are provided by us. It is our responsibility to take care of everyone who visits us.

Taking proper care of your teeth is important not just to keep them in good condition, but also to keep them shiny and bright forever. Allow us to prevent and restore the optimal function and esthetics of your teeth.

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