Fluoride TreatmentsFluoride Treatments

What is Fluoride?

Food and water are comprised of naturally occurring mineral fluoride. It helps to prevent the tooth cavities and decay. The prevention of tooth decay and cavities is possible because the fluoride makes the teeth resistant to acids created by sugars and plaques. When you drink the beverages and eat the foods, the fluoride is deposited upon your tooth enamel. The plaque and sugars produce the acids that eat away the tooth enamel along with the fluoride deposit being reduced further. Tooth decay starts when the rate of fluoride decay surpasses the rate of its deposition.

The Best Beneficiaries of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride and its utility are better associated with children. Fluoride is helpful to strengthen the vulnerable teeth sets of youngsters. It is especially beneficial for the young children however, it also fights tooth decay among the people of all age groups.

Based on the findings of latest research works, the significance of fluoride to fight tooth decay is equally worthy of protecting and strengthening the newly developing teeth.

We encourage our patients to receive fluoride treatment to preserve their smile. Thus, one must include fluoride treatment as part of regular oral care regime.

Fluoride Treatment

Under fluoride treatment, we apply the mineral topically upon the teeth. Fluoride is directly applied in the form of gel, varnish or foam. It is a painless form of treatment.

Our practice includes comprehensive and cosmetic dental treatment. Dental exam, oral cancer exam, dental cleaning, deep cleaning, dental filling, dental crown, dental bridge, dental implant, root canal, denture, TMJ appliance, teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, clear aligner braces, bite guards, etc. are provided by us. It is our responsibility to take care of everyone who visits us.

Taking proper care of your teeth is important not just to keep them in good condition, but also to keep them shiny and bright forever. Allow us to prevent and restore the optimal function and esthetics of your teeth.

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