Fluoride SupplementFluoride Supplement

Fluoride Supplement

A naturally occuring element like fluoride is capable to strengthen your teeth. At South Dental Associates, our dentists recommend several sources of fluoride to prevent the problem of tooth decay. Water is a natural source of fluoride. Food stuffs like fish, meat and egg contain fluoride in them.

However, not all of us follow a balanced food chart and that is why, some of us suffer from fluoride deficiency. This is in particularly seen among the children. Our dentists suggest prescription fluoride supplements for the patients.


  • Speed up the process of remineralisation
  • Strengthen up the enamel
  • Stop the bacterial impact
  • Reduce the impact of acid attack
  • Reduce the problem of dental cavities in children
  • Reduce the problem of dental decay among adults and children

Treatment Process

Based on the severity of dental problem, our dentists will suggest you the treatment regimen. Two common types are acidulated phosphate fluoride and neutral sodium fluoride.

Fluoride supplements maybe prescribed to children. The daily dosage amount might vary from 0.25 to 1 mg. It varies with the age of the patient and the amount of fluoride present in the drinking water supplied in that area.

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