Explaining the Dental Bridges

How does a dental bridge functions?

A dental bridge offers you a permanent solution for broken or lost teeth. After you have dental bridges, you are once again free to enjoy whatever food you want to have without any concern for a missing tooth.

How Dental bridges are fitted?

For creating the dental bridges, our dentist will prepare anchoring teeth.
Next, our dentist will take the impression of your mouth for creating the bridge as identical as possible to your original teeth shape. The impression will then be sent to a lab. Meanwhile, the time for which it takes to create the bridge, we will provide you a temporary solution like a crown or a bridge made of resin or acrylic. Once your bridge is ready, our dentist will ensure it fits your mouth as closely as is possible.

Please remember that you need to take a very good care of your dental bridge so that it lasts longer.

Our practice includes comprehensive and cosmetic dental treatment. Dental exam, oral cancer exam, dental cleaning, deep cleaning, dental filling, dental crown, dental bridge, dental implant, root canal, denture, TMJ appliance, teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, clear aligner braces, bite guards, etc. are provided by us. It is our responsibility to take care of everyone who visits us.

Taking proper care of your teeth is important not just to keep them in good condition, but also to keep them shiny and bright forever. Allow us to prevent and restore the optimal function and esthetics of your teeth.

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