What is an Abscessed Tooth?

When there is an infection in or around a tooth that might be painful or not, it could be because of an abscessed tooth. It takes place when the soft tissue within the root canal or the pulp is inflamed or dead and goes on untreated. The common symptom of an abscess infection is when you feel pain in the surrounding bone of a tooth. Whenever you chew food, you feel the pain. There are some additional features like swollen gums, and facial swelling.

Treatment of An Abscessed Tooth

Our Dentist will treat the problem tooth and pulp. They treat your abscess with the help of endodontic surgery or root canal treatment. The bacteria are removed from the canals and the space filled with filling materials. To restore the full functionality of a tooth, our dentists will put a crown or some other restoration protective element around it. Soon it will get back into normal action.

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